Monday, 5 January 2015

Here's a conundrum - recent review of CoB: "This book needs to be more carefully edited. There are missing words and grammatical mistakes throughout. (The author consistently uses the pronoun "he" as the object of a preposition instead of "him.")"

Now, I'm pretty sure that the "he"s and "him"s are where they should be, and I'm wondering if... perhaps... this person is not aware that pronoun agreements in comparative sentences are different. e.g. "...though she did not quite have the same discipline as he," is grammatically correct, while "...though she did not quite have the same discipline as him," is incorrect.

Brief summary in the paragraph on subject and object pronouns:

What do you think? Did you find any examples of strange pronouns in the first book (and should I therefore climb down from my soaringly high horse)? Should I comment on their review?

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