Saturday, 20 December 2014

Thanks to everyone who has put themselves forward to be a beta reader - I'm still receiving offers of help!
Because so many of you have so kindly offered your services, I'm thinking of dividing you up into groups to do a first-read of some other books I have planned for the series... These books would be:


More exclamation marks!!!

The prequel would cover the period from Artemi's first encounter with Hedinar Kantari, right through to the fall of Old Gialdin.

The alternative reality is pretty much what it sounds like, will be set in the Darkworld as the others have been, and will of course feature A & M's relationship as a central theme. Don't want to give too much away about that one though!

Those of you who have already emailed me directly, I will keep you down for Vol 6. Everyone else, would you like to beta-read these books? If so, please get in touch via email: and let me know which format you would prefer.

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