Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Book six is under way...

On we go with the series... how will Artemi cope with the events of the last book?!

More twists and turns to come :)

Technical stuff:

To avoid any more typos slipping through next time, I'm thinking of getting a beta reader or two. This person or people would need to read through the whole book within a few days, have a good grasp of grammar, be able to allow for some British quirks in the language and have a keen eye for errors. Of course, they'd be among the first people to read it (for free), but the version they'd receive would have already been through the editing process (i.e. the worst of the errors would be gone, but there might be a few left). If you'd like to volunteer and have access to a free copy of the book, drop me a message via Facebook or this blog.

Please also note that we do have a publisher address - - where, if you're feeling generous, you can report any typographical errors you've spotted in previous books. :D


  1. I'd love to be a beta reader!

    1. IAmMe - I'd love to have you on board. Would you be interested in beta-reading either the prequel book or a spin-off in the series? If so, please see my latest post:

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Shianne, thanks for the offer! I've had so many people coming forward to do this that I'm thinking of offering beta-reads of a prequel book and a spin-off. Would you be interested in this? There's a post about it here: