Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hi all. News has reached me that there are some editing issues with the latest book. After Blazed Union suffered similar problems, every effort was made to ensure the same would not happen with this book and we were confident that VoB would be error-free. However, something has gone wrong somewhere.  During the pre-order publishing process on Amazon, a draft version of the book is submitted in order to 'prove' that there is something ready to go. The version we submitted initially was complete, did not have any glaring errors or misspellings, but did require some editing tweaks. My fear is that this version was distributed to Amazon pre-order customers instead of the final draft that we submitted. The Amazon pre-order system is new to kdp, and there have been some glitches... Until I have re-read the book, page by page, I don't know which version is on sale or with whom the fault lies. For that reason, the book must be temporarily unpublished on Amazon. If you have written a review, it will still be there when the book is made live again. Thank you and please bear with me!

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