Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I was in ABNA

That's the "Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award," but now I'm not! D'oh!

I received some wonderful comments from Vine reviewers, however. They said that City of Blaze was excellently written and that the characters were well-rounded. Both wanted to read more. This is wonderful news to me! Really glad to hear it, and very thankful to the judges for their time.

Why didn't I get through? Well, I wrote a rather conceited pitch (this is a short paragraph where you try to sell your novel to a would-be publisher). The reviewers didn't like it at all, and felt that it did not relate well to the text. On the other hand, the first round of judging was based upon the pitch, which my book passed. But it's easily changed, so I'll just have to fix it and try again next year :)

And anyway, that they liked the actual meat of the novel is far more important to me.

In other news, glad to see a few people picking up Anomaly of Blaze. Hope they're enjoying it! It'll be available elsewhere soon, honest!

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