Friday, 9 March 2012

Anomaly of Blaze

It's certainly the most anomalous book! The third instalment of the series will be ready by Monday, and then it'll take 24hrs or so to go through the various publishing processes. It should be available to download by next Tuesday (13th of March) on Amazon and Smashwords. Other retailers like iTunes and B&N usually take a fortnight to update their stock, so I'm afraid you may have a slightly longer wait on those outlets.

I really, really hope everyone enjoys it. I found it remarkably tough to write at times because there are so many moods and character developments and plot lines, all colliding at once! It has taken a great deal of very intense, hard work with quite a few 14hr days thrown in. But I'm just finishing up my second edit, and I am feeling rather proud of myself!!

Please do show it some love (or even hate!) with your ratings/reviews.



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