Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Anomaly of Blaze is now available

Hitherto patrons of this web log have only been able to avail themselves of the first two volumes of "The Fireblade Array", which is acknowledged by the most eminent members of the medical profession to be the best of all remedies for ennui.*

`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,Stimulative action`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'`'~,.,~'

Other books can only in a small degree impart this, and often achieve what they do at a cost of general deterioration of intelligence; but "The Fireblade Array" brings the whole of the vital organs and muscular forces into play, and both brightens the brain and increases the physical power.* Such mental exercise can, at a small expense, be always at command upon one's Kindle by obtaining:

Anomaly of Blaze (The Fireblade Array) The third instalment of the most acclaimed series, "The Fireblade Array".

Cures dyspepsia, quickens the circulation, stimulates the liver.*

"The Fireblade Array" is a fantasy epic with an enduring and tumultuous plot line of romance. 

Ahem. You can also find it in various formats on Smashwords.


*May contain lies.

Anomaly is now on iTunes (5th May)! Here

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