Friday, 1 July 2011

The Beginning

It all started with bits and pieces that floated around in my head. Every so often these would coalesce into some fanciful story, and I'd use it to occupy my free time or fill my mind with thoughts during a dull journey. When I had no books to read, I would construct my consciousness around my own imaginings. And so it was for eight years.

At times these dreams would impinge upon my working day or invade my social activities. On a whim, I decided to write some of them down. And that's where the book began.

It quickly grew to an obsession, and I found myself writing up to 8,000 words per day with little difficulty. The stories which had gestated within my mind for the best part of a decade were finally born from my fantasies. Out they squelched, and on the paper they took their first breath. Or something equally pseud-y. Within a few months I had completed the first book, but it took another three months to properly revise and check through the work.

At last, with 130k of story, I was ready to approach a publisher.

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