Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Hello, everybody.

It's been a while, I know, and just a few things have happened in the world since I last wrote to you all.

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well in the current circumstances, and bearing up with such restrictions placed upon the lifestyles we previously enjoyed. Though we have our health, employment uncertainty looms large, and most likely will do for some time to come.

In April last year, my partner was diagnosed with stage II cancer. Following chemo and radiotherapy, it looks like it has gone, but it was an upsetting experience for us both, and quite disrupted all the plans we had for that year (e.g. travelling, writing!) - plans we postponed to this year...

As some of you may know, before turning to writing I was a science communicator, and oddly enough, worked with a lot of people in virology. For years they had been warning of the inevitability of another viral pandemic like SARS, and urging politicians to be prepared for the eventuality. Of course, for western countries unaffected by such events since 1918, pandemic stockpiling was not seen as important as other matters - matters that now appear quite trivial.

One opportunity this pandemic has offered me is in reconnecting with those former colleagues, and in getting them to help me form my next novel. It'll be set twenty years from now, and involve fraud... but that's all I'm saying!

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Merchandise updates to follow in next message...

I don't have any new writings for you just yet, but I AM doing a sales day on Friday 26th June. Both Fireblade Array e-bundles will be heavily discounted across all online outlets - my first big sale in two years!!

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