Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"My little pet will wear her collar, so that everyone present can admire her and know that she is my property."


  1. Thanks! The lines are drawn and inked-in with real pens/pencils, then colour is added digitally.

    1. Cool, so do you just straight scan in the drawing? What do you use for the digital coloring? Sorry about the 20,000 questions hahaha - I like hearing about other's processes. I too draw and find myself going between paper and digital, although most of my recent work has been digital using sketchbook pro on my phone.

    2. No worries about the questions! I like talking about this stuff. Yes, it was pencilled, then inked, then scanned. After that, I tidy up the lines in PS so that I can paint beneath them (select and remove all the white). I do also sketch from scratch on the computer. I find it's slower and less satisfying than hand-drawing, but it does have the advantage of CTRL-Z. So many times I find myself real-world drawing and wishing I could 'undo' the rubbing out! Heh.