Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fireblade Array Characters - A Pronunciation Guide

There really is no right or wrong way to pronounce them, but some have asked how I hear/say the names of the characters in The Fireblade Array. Bear in mind that I sound like an English southerner (mostly) and that my 'r's sound flat rather than rhotic (e.g. "art" would probably sound like "ahht" to a North American). I've written this with the non-rhotic, English 'r' in mind. I probably should have done this with the proper phonetic letters (like the stuff they have on Wikipedia), but that was too much work!
In any case - here is your handy, pull-out guide:

Artemi - ART-em-ee
Shortened versions: Tem and Temi (TEM-ee)

Morghiad - MOR-gee-add (with a hard 'g' as in 'get')
Shortened version: Mor

Silar - SEE-lar (yeah, that's surprised a few of you!!)
Shortened version: Si (see)

Medea - med-EY-ah
Shortened versions: Med and Medi (MED-ee)

Tallyn - TAL-in
Shortened version: Tal

Kalad - KAL-add

Mirel - mirr-ELLE

Tyshar - TIE-shar

Toryn - TOR-inn

Selieni - SEL-ee-enn-ee
Shortened version - Sel and Lien (LEE-enn)

Koviere Dohsal - KOVE-eer  doh-SALL
Shortened version - Kove

Seffe - SEFF

Sorann - sor-AN

Sahlke - SAL-kuh

Demeta - dem-EE-tah

Calyrish - cal-EER-ish

Qeneris - ken-EH-riss

Feyan - FAY-ann

Beodrin Mori - BEY-o-drin  MOR-ee

Daisain - DI-sayn

Rahake - ra-HAH-kay

Beetan - BEE-tan (!)

D'Avrohan - DAV-ro-an (the 'h' is not obviously pronounced)

Jade'an - jay-DEE-an

Acher - ASH-er

Sete'an - set-EY-an

Forllan - FOR-lan (another easy one!)

Hedinar Kantari - HED-in-ar   kant-AR-ee

Orwin Mendrelle - OR-win  MEN-DRELL

Eupith - YOU-pith

Romarr - ROW-mar

Vestuna - ves-TYUN-ah

Khasha - CASH-ah

Passerid Collibry - PASS-er-rid  COL-ibb-ree

Febain Reduvi - FEB-ayn  red-OO-vee

Dorlunh - DOR-lunn (the h at the end is supposed to signify a sort of extended and heavy 'n')

Danner - DAN-er (it means fluffy!!)

Aval di Certa - av-AL  dee  SERT-ah

Jarynd - jah-RIN-D 

Caala - CAR-lah

Cydia - SIGH-dee-ah

Alliah - ah-LEE-yah

Baydie - BAY-dee

Gilkore - GIL-core (hard 'g' again)


Sunidara - SOON-ih-DAR-ah

Cadra - KAD-rah

Gialdin - GEE-al-din (hard 'g')

Tegra - TAY-grah

Calidell - KAL-ih-dell

Hirrah - HIR-ahh

Hirrahan - hir-RAY-an

Sokiri - sock-IRR-ee

Achellon - ASH-ell-on

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