Thursday, 10 October 2013

Blog switch and Donate button

The soooper swishy blog provided by Google started misbehaving recently (and hid all my pages!) so I've reverted to an older-style format to make things a bit clearer. I may tweak it a bit more over the coming days to get the colours right.

The second order of business is the 'donate' button. One very kindly reader requested that I put one onto my page and so... here it is! If you want to help fund my writing, cover the costs of my laptop electricity, pay for replacement keyboard keys or simply buy me a foamy tankard of ale, you are all more than welcome!

Don't worry, it'll take a good three or four ales before my literary endeavours with book 5 start to look squiffy. And yes... you'll be pleased to hear book 5 is moving faster now :-)

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