Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Working Hard on Book Four

It's coming along a bit faster now. I'm trying desperately hard to get this book out before Christmas. At the moment this looks possible, but I can't make any promises! Smashwords have streamlined their publishing process since Anomaly came out, so once the book's ready, it shouldn't take nearly as long to hit B&N/iTunes/Kobo/Sony as it did last time. Some book stores allow you to sign up for email alerts that let you know if an author has published a new book, so you can keep tabs on me that way too!

One reader has asked to hear more about Artemi's (or rather Kalad's) wolf. I have a feeling that will happen in the fifth book...

Hope all is well for everyone out there. For the US readers amongst you, I hope the coming election result isn't too traumatic!

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