Thursday, 25 October 2012

Competition coming...

I've been thinking of ways to stir up a little bit of publicity instead of bemoaning my slow sales. Yes, it's time to DO something! I've decided to run a competition, open to everyone, where readers can write a review on Amazon for the chance to win a prize.

Now, I have to be very careful about ending up with a pile of biased reviews and a place on the Amazon naughty step, so I wrote to Amazon and told them exactly what I was doing (complete with a copy of the wording I plan to use). I also asked them if reviewers would have to disclose that they had written the review as part of a competition entry. They responded thus:

We received your idea of organizing a competition in order to increase the reviews for your books. This competition idea is in line with the Amazon terms and conditions. Therefore, you may proceed with the competition.
There are no restrictions on the content of the reviews.

Hurrah! Green light :D. Watch this space for the entry details, contact form and closing dates!

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