Saturday, 25 August 2012

B3ta Newsletter

The very kind people at B3ta have featured me and my book in their newsletter this week! I can feel the trappings of fame already!

In other news, I have just discovered that Kobo are now featuring all of their books in UK online store, WHSmith. So you can now find H. O. Charles in there, too! Hurrah!

And, in other-other news, Barnes and Noble are planning to open up to the UK market next month. That's very exciting for me, as B&N has established some steady (if not ground-breaking... yet) sales for The Fireblade Array. Fingers crossed that a few more people pick it up there!

I'm still getting on with book 4. It has been slow-going, I admit, but the last few months have been (personally) tough. All sorts of things have happened in the family and with my own health. Plus, I'm about to run out of PhD funding, so I've had that to worry about recently. Sometimes the real world is great, sometimes it's rubbish!

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