Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Call for Reviews

Hello all,

Apologies for my absence, I have been on holiday! It was a fair bit sunnier than the apparent monsoon season that the UK is currently experiencing, and served as a much-needed break.

As the title of this post suggests, I'm on the hunt for reviews of my books on CoB has been on there for over a year now, and still only has two reviews. I know it's a bit of an ask, especially as so many of you have already rated and voted on other sites (B&N, Goodreads, iTunes or the UK Amazon - thanks so much, whoever you are!), but if anyone has a moment to spare, I would be eternally grateful for a comment or two on the US Amazon site.

Amazon state that all reviews must be unbiased (as if such a state were achievable!) and therefore I am not permitted to offer any presents such as signed, free books in return for reviews. So all I can do is write a 'thank you' on here, even if you slate my work horribly!

Find the book here

In other news, The Fireblade Array series is still moving up and up in the B&N charts. The second and third books were around the 39,000 and 47,000 mark when I last checked. That's hardly best-seller territory, but I'm really proud to see my work up there at all.

Book 4 is coming along and, wow, what a mess the characters are going to have to sort out! Tee hee :-)

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