Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Muse Day today!

Sometime in the misty depths of 1999, a friend gave me a bootlegged cassette of Muse's Showbiz*. I loved it. I must have played it thousands of times. I went to see them play live the following year at a music festival, when they were consigned to a small tent and the Mancunian TV-destroyers (Oasis) were on the main stage. Muse were awesome. And when Origin of Symmetry came out, I obsessed over that for a long while. What a little goth I was!

Anyway, if you like your tunes with lots of depth, a touch of hammy over-drama and hints of Rachmaninov, these are your guys. I find it hard to select my favourite track as it changes with my mood, but this is one of the top ones:

*And yes, I did later buy a legitimate copy!

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