Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Snowlands promo has ended

I'm afraid it has reverted to its $0.99/£0.76 pricing. With any luck the free distribution will have gained me some new readers, and I might even get some more reviews!

Speaking of which, I already have a fantastically positive one from Amazon Top 500 ReviewerCheryl M-M. I think this lady must have very nearly worn her Kindle out with all the books she's read and reviewed over the last few years! But yes, many thanks go to her for the kind words and assessment. I think she's right about it being a sci-fi-fantasy novel rather than pure sci-fi - I was definitely heading for more of a Frank Herbert than an Isaac Asimov affair.

And what of Volume 3? It's going well. I've just had a re-read of everything so far, and it seems to be coming out better than I had thought, in spite of my numerous mental blocks! There were some sections that I'd left for later because they were so tricky to tease apart and I now feel I can come back to them, so that's a very positive step forward with the work.

As for length, I had intended for this to be shorter than CoB, but I think it may end up coming in at a similar word count: possibly 120k. We shall see!

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