Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New book!

No, it's not Volume 3 just yet... but it is a nice little novella (40,000 words) about some characters and themes which will be very familiar to readers of The Fireblade Array.

Basically, I've mashed everything up a bit and put it into a sci-fi setting.

Below is the artwork and blurb. It'll be on Amazon soon. I'll update this post when it becomes available :)

It's now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

A young woman wakes after a battle to find that the only clues to her identity are her injuries, a dead man and the tooth of a predator. Four years pass, in which she lives under a guessed name and becomes a student of medicine, but Raia is unexpectedly invited to the black heart of the empire and the vast, harsh edifice of The Fortress. She has an opportunity to retrieve her past, but will she accept the person her memories describe?

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