Monday, 14 November 2011

What to expect

I have the entirety of the series mapped out in detail now, with each of the next five books planned and outlined down to individual scenes (the whole series has to fit into seven books). I've found I'm not the sort of author who can write blind, or dream up the next scene in a day. On the plus side it means that, should I ever do a Robert Jordan and kick the proverbial before the series is complete, someone else can finish it off for me. I can only hope that someone would have the time or inclination, of course. It also means that I won't be doing what many authors in the fantasy genre do, which is produce an overly bloated series that drags well past its sell-by date.

And there will be an end, and it shall be big. Very big. It'll sort of stretch over books six and seven. I really hope it does not disappoint!
The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a certain pattern across the first two books, and this pattern will be maintained throughout the Array.

I'm really getting into writing the third book now. It was missing a certain someone at the beginning, which has made it surprisingly tough-going in places. For me, when I get into the characters I really feel everything they feel. So, just as it's hard for them to continue without someone close to them, I find it difficult too! But, well... I think if you've read Nation of Blaze you'll know that won't be a problem for much longer!

There are also some nice resolutions to questions posed in the previous books, and a light foray into quantum theory. It's what every fantasy romance epic should have.

I'm very pleased to see some top ratings for NoB(!) on iTunes US, and the same book has gained a four star rating on B&N (what went wrong?! I jest, of course). So yes, not a bad start to the week!

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