Friday, 21 October 2011

What is going on?

I do not understand this.... I was feeling a bit sorry for myself because the only review I'd had on iTunes UK was three stars and a bit, well, meh - nothing like the response I'd had in the US. But today I came to check it and, lo and behold, four people had added a load of stars to it! I don't believe it! And I had almost given up hope.Thank you, kind readers, you keep me typing.

Anyway, I may have a small teaser for Book 3 ready. I'm going to check through it about four-million times before I post it, but you should see it appear here in the next few days.

Nation of Blaze has been accepted onto the iTunes portal, so that should be visible tonight (at the earliest) or Sunday (at the lastest). It's there now! Find it here

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