Sunday, 25 September 2011

My head is enormous

A very, very kind review from 'Therese' on iTunes in the USA:

"It has been many years since I have come across a series I cannot put down and go hunting for the next. The story keeps you looking for what's next all the way through. And the writing style? Very impressive. Just the way it reads would have me pause and think "Wow, that was a fabulous way to phrase that." I cannot wait to see how the series progresses!"

Therese - thank you so much for such kind words! I'm thrilled that someone enjoyed my book! I deeply hope that the second does not disappoint...

For balance, (and to prevent my ego from expanding beyond the boundaries of this planet) I received a less-impressed, three star review on UK iTunes:

"The book makes a lot of references to types of people (wielders etc) and effects (nalka) that the reader has to work out what they are. I spent much of the book trying to put into context the many references to things specific to the fantasy land that I lost the plot of the story.
Despite that though, I enjoyed the book, the forbidden love between the characters was well written, although I was a little disappointed with the sudden ending.
I'd recommend, but you need to take your time reading it."

Several people have commented on the ending, but it really couldn't have ended any other way. That's just how The Array rolls :D But as for the effects and world-specific terms... how could I improve that? Perhaps a glossary of terms at the back, or as a separate publication? Might be an idea... I shall think on it.

Oh, and I should add that I received my first ever 1 star review today from 'Padasia':

"Stupid - What a waste of time!"
That's all they wrote. Oh well, guess I can't please everyone :-)

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