Monday, 4 July 2011

Qualifying Markets

I only came across this today:

OUR REVIEW POLICY:We will consider for review any fantasy novel published in an SFWA Qualifying Professional Market or analogous UK market (e.g., Hachette). We ignore all other requests. If you are an author, agent, or publicist with a qualifying house and would like to send us a review copy, please use the form below to contact XXX. Queries which do not include publisher information and a description of the novel will be discarded.
My first reaction was, what the $%^& is a Qualifying Market? So I read some bits and pieces which seemed to involve big publishers and dollar signs with lots of zeros trailing behind.

What it boils down to is whether or not you've gotten yourself a nice publishing deal. So when I look at my stuff and think about the total lack of response from any publisher, I find myself sinking back into the drain of the Unqualifying Antimarket. I think it's a bit like kids who've failed their 11+

Not that I'm bitter... ahem.

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