Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Kickstarter project launched!

Hello all - quick update.

I'm looking for a bit of crowd-sourced funding to help me write book five of The Fireblade Array, much like the old-style advance offered by a publisher. I've no idea if the goal will be reached, but I thought it was worth a shot so that I can turn to writing full-time rather than trying to fit it around everything else (as I do at the moment). Funding will also help me to bring forward the release date of the fifth book considerably.

Basically, backers will be buying a piece of me to write like a blazed machine on fire for them! There are also some signed books on offer.

I'm not expecting donations from those of you who have already spent money on my books, but if you really are nuts and would still like to contribute to my Kickstarter campaign, you can find it here:


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