Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Well, that's it. Today I was forced to step down from a freelance job (another great job, second only to writing!) that would have looked wonderful on my C.V. (orésumé, to those in the US), and all because I chose to stand up to my boss.

I've always thought that I could put up with any sort of mismanagement or rudeness if it meant I could have and do the job I wanted. And, just like everyone else, I've put up with it in silence on many occasions. But, in this case, I just couldn't go through with it. I think it's endemic in the sort of field the job was in. I cannot be specific, of course, for matters of confidentiality/anonymity etc. But it's one of those jobs that millions of people would do for free, which only encourages employers to treat their employees as disposable items.

I've gone and taken (what I think is) the moral high ground - a position that makes me feel more comfortable now, but I fear I might come to regret it in the future: a future where I'll be a saintly, unemployed tramp on the street!

Right now I know that I could not have made any other decision, and really it's silly even considering it. Perhaps I'm just worried that others, who would have killed me to take the work, will think that I have squandered an opportunity for the sake of my own, silly contentment.

As an aside, one of the great things this blog offers is a chance to moan freely about the more private aspects of my life. I hope it provides some interest!

As is typical, I went and spoke to people I trust... and now I've changed my mind. Plus my boss came as near as he could to saying sorry, without saying sorry. I'm now going ahead with the work, little as I want to. All I can say is... GAH!!!

Moral of the story: while there are gits on the world, one must always put up with gittishness to survive and succeed.

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