Friday, 1 July 2011

The Publishers

Using Google and a few writers' websites I located the types of publishers I thought suitable for my creation. I decided to send off some of my unsolicited manuscripts.

Getting my stuff into manuscript form was a mission in itself. Remember, I have no cash so... I had to sneak into my office in the dead of night and start printing my first three chapters. The fear of getting caught made the hair on my arms prickle. I stole paper from the photocopiers outside, and used envelopes from the paper recycling bin. The smell of ozone from the laserjet was intense, and at one point I thought I was going to poison myself in our tiny office. I switched the printer on and off to ensure its memory was clear, and I even waited in case of a malfunctioned after-print.

But, printing done, I parcelled my samples up and sent them abroad. (Okay, for that I admit I did spend a few pennies). Tor and Daw were the unfortunate recipients of my works. I don't know why I thought US publishers would be more amenable to a UK writer. In any case I was wrong. They never replied.

Then I tried the agents. John J offered online submission and he promised to read the first few chapters within three weeks. I think my work must have been so god-awful that his email-composing fingers were rendered immobile by the staccatoed, unworldly and staid prose, for he never replied either.

I sent a final copy to another agent whose name I forget, female I think, but she has yet to respond to my literary entreaties. The wall of utter silence was enough to render me hopeless. And so I fell into the warm embrace of the digital publishing world...

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