Friday, 1 July 2011

The Book Goes Live

My book was online; ready to buy for a bargain $5.90. And guess what, I made a sale! One sale!!! I was so pleased. But one sale is where it remained. I needed to drive more traffic to my book.

Now, there are numerous ways of doing this online. Most people recommend using social networking sites, and I did this to some extent. I set up a Twitter account and I joined a forum or two. The real me already has a facebook page, but I just couldn't face creating one for H.O. Charles when he/she had no friends.

The biggest mistake I made, however, was making HOCharles a part of b3ta. This is an awesome site of which I've been a part for several years as another user. It's frequently referenced in my book, and it's full of fluffy people. So I innocently bowled in like a chicken following a trail of corn into a pie factory, used to warm receptions and *clicks*, talking about my book. I was naive. My reception wasn't great. Of course I was an idiot doing that. And so I wrote to the website's founder, Rob Manuel, and told him that he'd got a mention in a book.

I'm not sure if he liked it.

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